Cheap Lululemon

Lululemon Cheap

A week ago, I opened a new office in San Marcos Premium Outlets on the hidden side of one of Austin's Lulu stores .. Yes, you guessed it, the output of Lululemon! So, naturally, I immediately made plans whenever I have free time to go see what was needed. Fortunately, it was chicklit want to become a partner in crime to wish that we could get to San Marcos on Sunday to check it out!

I say it can be to understand 80% of the panties. There is, however, the 20% who are not, including their pants Studio for sale were about $ 75 (very good deal - the original price is 115). I love my studio pants, but the colors (blue-green, gray and beige, aka Dune) did not really appeal to me.

Net choice: they are large reserves of "Under the panties" - that they brought voluntarily clean the door, they were stronger and tunics (or worn with underwear) and a bright yellow and orange "flow in the pants," which is basically the tides pants that recognize and are shorter.

They had some very good finds, but - some nice top, some cute short films, but do not feed (BOO), sport coats, some Rulu long sleeves (I had a little bit last year, they are really very good, but I wanted to more colors).


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